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Your kids' teeth (scroll to the bottom for photos)

Hopefully you began your child's dental and orthodontic development by exclusively nursing for the first 6 months of baby's life. Nursing should continue for another 6 months while introducing age appropriate foods. Past the age of 1, children should be nursed based on their desires. There are over 200 compounds that you baby need that breast milk, has that cannot be duplicated by the makers of formula, plus the sucking motion is a "free orthodontic appliance" which develops your child's palate properly and subsequent spacial arrangement of his teeth.

Your baby will get his/her first tooth around 6 months of age. Prior to it's eruption, you can wipe the baby's mouth with wipes specially designed for that purpose. But once that first tooth is in, brush it every day, morning and night. Daily brushing becomes a habit that stays with your child. If there are other children in the house do it together. Children should be supervised until the age of 7, meaning every time your child finishes brushing, you need to go back and do it over. 

These are other things I strongly urge you to do.

1. Never, never, never, give them soda, designer water, ice tea with sugar or other drinks with sugar. Children including adults should be drinking water and water only. Liquids that have sugar are so destructive to teeth and are a major epidemic today. Advertisements are slick and enticing, but resisting them will reward you with plenty of good health. For further reading, please refer to Dr. Batmanghelidj's book, You are not sick, you are thirsty.
2. Juice is not a better substitute either. It is still a very concentrated sugared drink that I do not let my kids drink.
3. Sugar free gum is ok, it actually buffers the Ph of the mouth so that the acidic environment created by food, etc. is neutralized and the cavity causing bacteria are not active. Gum with xylitol has been shown to kill bacteria. 
4. Limit sweets to no more than once per week.
5. You can begin flossing their teeth around the age of 2, providing they have gotten all 20 of their baby teeth in. Once again, this teaches them good habits.
6. Be a good teacher by example, kids are like monkeys, they imitate their parents, siblings and environment.


These are photos of a 14 year old who drank a lot of vitamin water, juice and other sports drinks while playing soccer. The fist photograph shows just a few cavities. However, after the radiographs were taken, numerous cavities were found in between her teeth. As the second photograph shows the destruction was quite severe.

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